Advanced Content Program of Study

Students who are identified as Gifted either upon entering WCMS, or by taking the Gifted test while here, are enrolled in our Advanced Content classes. Some students who are not identified as Gifted are also recommended for enrollment in Advanced Content classes. We use a rubric including multiple measures to ensure appropriate placement. Included in our rubric are Achieve levels, grades earned in classes as well as MAP and Lexile scores. It is important that all students are placed appropriately so they may be challenged to the best of their ability. The rubric we use considers many factors that contribute to a student's potential for success in Advanced Content courses.

If your child does not qualify for advanced content classes, they WILL NOT be behind when they enter high school. At the end of each school year, the high school administrators and counselors will hold a meeting for all 8th grade parents and students about different class options. Any student entering high school will have the opportunity to take AP and/or Dual Enrollment classes if they so choose.