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White County Middle School


Within every profession, people are expected to dress in a manner that reflects their job. White County Middle School believes students should dress in a manner that reflects a respect for their job of being good students and has implemented the following dress code to maintain a positive educational environment. Please note the intent is not to repress freedom of expression but to foster a school climate that clearly communicates that White County Middle School students take their education seriously. Therefore, the dress code seeks to avoid manners of dress that would be objectionable in most places of employment.

Appropriate Clothing for WCMS

1. Shirts should be crew or v-neck, polo, or button-style shirts (all with sleeves) that cover the upper body and are long enough to be tucked into pants. Shirts for women may not expose any part of the breast.

2. Pants, skirts, and shorts should not have holes that expose skin more than 3 inches above the TOP OF THE KNEE CAP, and may not have writing in inappropriate places, excluding Warrior Wear. All pants, skirts and shorts must be worn at the waist. Skirts and shorts should be no shorter than 3 inches above the TOP OF THE KNEE CAP.

3. Shoes must be worn at all times.

4. Leggings, bike shorts, and spandex may only be worn when accompanied by an over garment that completely covers buttocks in the front and back.

5. Physical Education teachers will set dress code guidelines for participation in P.E. classes.

Inappropriate Clothing for WCMS

1. Baggy clothing, excessively large clothes, or pajama clothing.

2. Shirts with key-hole sleeves

3. Clothing with graphics or lettering that names, shows, or implies any alcoholic beverage, tobacco products or illegal drugs.

4. Clothing that is sexually suggestive or has sexually suggestive lettering, graphics or pictures.

5. Clothing with any graphics or lettering that depicts or implies violence or weapons; that shows or implies blood, and death; that promotes hatred of any person or people, supports any illegal activity; supports gang activity; or promotes racial discrimination (expressed or implied)

6. Head coverings worn in the building for boys and girls of any kind including hats and bandanas, doo rags, etc.

7. "Heelyā€¯ tennis shoes.

8. Chains or studded accessories (necklaces, bracelets, etc.).

9. Fish hooks.