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Shaw Station Media Center

Summer Reading Lists

Students can access eBooks through our OverDrive link below. 

Username: firstname.lastname Password: student number


 Tome Society is a Literacy Society created to promote literacy among middle and high school students across the United States through: service; collaboration; competition-based club activities; and clean, entertaining, encouraging literature. 

eBooks are now available  for students to checkout. Overdrive is providing the platform for our electronic book access. Students can access our e-books by clicking on the image above. A student's username is first name.last name and their lunch number is their password. See Mrs. Melton in the media center if you have problems accessing your e-book account.

Lexile is the new buzz word in Shaw Station. Students are learning how to choose books in their "Lexile" range. By reading in their range students will experience some level of difficulty with the material but not enough to discourage them. According to MetaMetrics, the educational research organization that created the Lexile measure, "this is the best way to grow as a reader - with text that is not too hard but not too easy". 


Shaw Station Purpose

The purpose of White County Middle School’s Shaw Station Media Center is to be a central location where the school community has access to a variety of information resources that support the school curriculum and is adapted to the school’s population. In addition, Shaw Station provides instruction and guidance in order for its students, and staff to become lifelong learners.


Shaw Station Mission

The mission of Shaw Station, the library media program, at White County Middle School is to provide an inviting atmosphere where students, faculty and the community can learn to become effective users of information and can develop and expand their love of reading. This mission is accomplished by:

  •   Collaborating with teachers in order to enhance the classroom experience and provide needed information literacy skills.
  •   Creating a warm and inviting learning environment where students feel welcome.
  •   Conducting a program that will provide instruction for the school community in becoming independent learners and users of libraries and information resources.